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About Us

 Our Philosophy:


Symurff  & Symurffette Early Childhood Enhancement Center will administer to the individual needs of each child. We will comfort and assist your child in his/her growth and development. We recognize and value each child as a unique individual. Through group and individual activities, each child's capacity for growth and development will be encouraged. Emotional and social creativity will be at his/her own rate. We are above and beyond baby sitters. While allowing each child to manipulate, discover and explore we will encourage each child to make choices. Also, to learn creativity based on their individual interest. We will provide your children with an idea atmosphere that enables your child/children to grow academically mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and confidently. It is our obligation and commitment to the children to expose them to a safe, healthy, clean, and nutritional environment while teaching your children to grow with confidence in a multiracial and multicultural atmosphere. Here at Symurff & Symurffette Early Childhood Enhancement Center your child/children will be allowed the latitude to discover and to explore their surroundings. Physiologically, we believe this will open all communication gaps allowing us to recognize any potential additional developmental needs in their individual stages, and then discussing them with the parents. We have a lot to offer each child. By providing a comfort zone for your children, parents as well as our staff. This then makes our center a valuable asset to our community. 



Director’s / Administrator’s Responsibilities:

   To maintain a balance staff to provide a safe, clean,  happy, & healthy, & learning environment


Teacher's Responsibilities:

   To teach and maintain age appropriate curriculum & academic programs

   To provide a safe, clean, healthy, learning, and nutritional environment

   To be understanding and loving to children in all situations

   To discuss any and all things only pertaining to each parents child

   To ensure children are taken care of and kept clean


Teacher's Assistant Responsibilities:

   To assist in teaching and maintaining academic programs

   To help maintain a well organized environment

   To help with the care and safety of the children

   To discuss all situations with the Teacher's Assistant


We welcome ALL age children. Special need's children are welcomed.



A registration fee of $65.00 per child is due at time of Enrollment/Annually.


Regular Rate Chart Mon-Fri up to 8 Hours a day or 40 hours per week

Between 6a.m.-6p.m.

Full Time rates are 29+

Part Time rates are 28 hours or less



Infant/Toddler Child Care {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}



 Full Time                    $160.00 Infant ~ $145.00 Toddler    

 Part Time                     Part Time { Apply Within}



Pre-School/-School-age Latch Key {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}



Full Time         Pre-School $140.00 ~ School-age & Latch Key $125.00  
Part Time                    Part Time { Apply Within}




 Premium Rate Chart 6p.m.-6a.m. Mon-Fri & Weekends

10 Hours or 50 Hours combination time regular hours & Premium

Or your schedule may consist of all premium hours



Infants/Toddlers Child Care {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}



 Full Time                    $170.00 Infant ~ $155.00 Toddler  

 Part Time                    Part Time { Apply Within} 



Pre-School/School-age {UNDER CONSTRUCTION}



 Full Time                $150.00 Pre-School ~ School Aged $135.00  

 Part Time                   Part Time { Apply Within}



Additional Hours over 40 hours a week is $4.25 an hour.

Overtime is $4.25 an hour anytime over your pre scheduled contracted time.LATE ARRIVAL FOR PICK UP not called in advanced is $1.00 a minute per child. (Director decision/discretion)

Because we are a 24 hour facility and the needs of each family may be different in each case, each child's tuition may also vary. You will be given your rate upon enrollment and once your schedule has been given to the Director.


Additional fees may be required for special requests that may cost the center more to accommodate each family such as a one to one aid. Additional fees will be decided upon the request and agreed upon at that time by the director.

Families that are receiving assistance by a subsidized program for their child's tuition may have a co-payment for any fee's that exceed any programs rates. You will be responsible for those fees and any additional time that exceeds the contacted rates and times for your agency. This will be discussed upon enrollment. Our child care center reserves the right to dismiss or expel the above named student if & when at the center's sole discretion if it is determined that our child care center cannot meet the needs of a child or should the terms of this agreement be violated and all fees not paid should be paid as agreed.





Meal Shifts Are As Followed:


Breakfast - 6am to 8:00 am

A.M. Snack  - 9:30am to 10:30 am


Lunch - 11:30am to 12:30 pm

P.M. Snack - 2:00pm to 3:00 pm


Dinner - 4:30pm to 6:30pm

P.M. Snack - 8pm to 9:00pm


*Note: For children on baby food and formula, please discuss details with the Director or the Infant Teachers. Children will be fed their regular meal if they are here at mealtimes, anytime after specified meal times; parents are responsible for feeding their child/children upon arrival. Also upon arrival

Please inform the office of any food restrictions or foods allergies at time of enrollment a form will be provided. You are requested to complete our food program enrollment application at the time of enrollment. All meals are provided through the Association For Child Development Nutrition Food Program. Special requests please check with the Director.


Daily Routine


Our daily routine may vary depending on the child's age, classroom, schedule, mood, and/or weather. Age appropriate activities and educational time is scheduled. This documented daily routine gives parents a basic idea of our daily itinerary.


4:30A.M.-5:00A.M.- Children arrival/departure diapers changed and put back to sleep depending on age.


6:00A.M.-8:30A.M.- Breakfast served. (Not served after 8:30a.m.)


6:30A.M.-7:00A.M.- Wake up overnight children in order to prepare them to go home or to school diapers changed.


7:30A.M.-9:00A.M.- We provide a regular teeth brushing oral care routine for all of our children including our infants with gum wiping. For children who don't want to eat breakfast: Quiet free playtime, nursery rhymes, sing-a-long, and/or educational tapes. We allow children to play on their own or in small groups diapers changed. Older children get on their school vans.


9:00a.m.-9:30A.M.- Snack time, diapers changed, infant naptime depending on their schedule. Preschool/Head start activities age appropriate educational time {Mother Goose Educational Program}. Please see lesson plan posted in all classrooms. 


9:30-11:30a.m.- (10:00a.m. 30 minute outside play) with outside toys, activities and  age appropriate games.

Inside/Outside: play, arts/crafts, painting, coloring, ABCs and 123s, shapes, and/or other age  appropriate activities [Mother Goose Educational Program}. This is when the children from all age groups interact, then separated into their infant,toddler,preschool classes.


11:00a.m.-11:30A.M.- Diapers changed. Activities are concluded, cleanup, lunch is being prepared at this time. Children of all ages maybe arriving and leaving.


11:30.-12:30p.m.- (12:00p.m. 30 minute outside play) with outside toys, age appropriate activities and games. Hands and faces washed 12:30p.m. lunchtime for children from 1 to 5+ years of age. We serve a wide variety of table foods. (Soup, sandwiches, chicken, beef, turkey, fish, fruits, and vegetables) everyday.


1:00 p.m.- 3:00p.m.- Infants usually wake up from their naps followed by a diaper change, lunch, and playtime. Infants often set their own naptime. Preschool and other children's naptime is usually 1:00p.m. To 3:00p.m.

If children awake before 3:00P.M. Snack will be served. (Snack is usually served 2pm to 3pm) (2:00p.m. 30 minute outside play) with outside toys, age appropriate activities and games. 


3:00p.m.- Children are getting up from their naps, diapers changed, all cots, playpens, sheets, and      

Blankets are cleaned up followed by snack time (fruit, crackers, juice, and milk). Infants take

Afternoon naps. After school and P.M. shift children arrive.  


3:30-4:00p.m.- Children of all ages are arriving and leaving. (4:00p.m. 30 minute outside play) Afternoon activities involve reading or hearing a story, games

Using eyes, ears, and other body parts. After school children is offered a snack they relax and do homework. See lesson

Plan posted in each classroom.


4:30-6:30p.m.- Dinner is served, diapers are changed, hands washed, everything is gathered, and children are prepared to go home. There are children arriving and leaving.


6:30-8:00p.m.- Quiet free time, play with toys, dinosaurs, cars, blocks, and dolls. Calm down time. This is more homework time. A p.m. snack is given around 8:00p.m.


8:30-10:00p.m.-Pajamas are put on children, diapers are changed, story time, then bedtime.


10:30p.m.-1:00a.m.-Midnight parents arrive to pick children up and midnight parents arrive to drop children off.






All parents are required to supply the child care center with their weekly schedule, including their drop off and pick up time.  A form will be provided. All parents must call the center if there is any emergency, and or if a child cannot be picked up on time. Reminder: LATE ARRIVAL FOR PICK UP is $1 per minute per child.


Disciplinary Regulations points to Remember!!!!


(*) Effective discipline helps children learn self-control and cooperation.

(*) Reward and punishment are not the only effective methods of discipline. Children also learn through example.

(*) To select appropriate methods, it is important to consider a child's development level.

(*) Effective methods of discipline are:

                 (*) Distracting the child

                 (*) Ignoring misbehavior when appropriate

                 (*) Structuring the child's environment

                 (*) Controlling the situation, not the child

                 (*) Planning time for loving and letting go

                 (*) Increasing your consistency

                 (*) Noticing positive behavior

                 (*) Using the time out method (the step, playpen, separation, and quiet time).

(*) Using natural and logical consequences by giving children choices. Natural consequences result by going against the laws of nature. Logical consequences are the result of going against the rules of social cooperation.

(*) Logical Consequences...

                (*) Express the rules of social living

                (*) Are related to the misbehavior

                (*) Separate the deed from the doer

                (*) Are concerned with what will happen now, not with past behavior

                (*) Are given in a friendly way.

                (*) Permit choice

(*) Guidelines for Using Logical Consequences:

                (*) When a child makes a decision, let the decision stand for the moment, later, give the child another opportunity to cooperate.

                (*) Increase the amount of time for the consequences each time the same   misbehavior occurs.

                (*) When you give a child a choice, phrase the choice respectfully (respect the child's choice).

                (*) Say as little as possible and avoid nagging or threatening.

                (*) Make it clear when there is no choice.

                (*) Keep hostility out of the consequences.

(*) Spending some quality time everyday with a child is good for your and our relationship and can help prevent  behavior problems.

(*) Too much protection, permissiveness, or demands for obedience will prevent children from becoming independent.

(*) A time out is a form of logical consequences. We will use it as a last resort when other methods have not worked. We will use it and all guidelines above in order to keep control and maintain a safe environment for all of our children.



Owner: Te'ne' Ki Pearson

Director: Theresa A Banks

13448 E.McNichols Detroit, MI 48205

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